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Leopard And Python Caught In A Death Match In Hair Raising

A rare and unlikely battle took place between a huge python and a leopard at the Maasai Mara Triangle Reserve in Kenya recently. A hair-raising video of the incident shows the leopard and the python initially eyeing an impala nearby, before the python dec

06-08-2020 11:25:25 PM

Curfews In Major US Cities Like Los Angeles, Chicago As Race Protests Escalate

Minneapolis: Curfews were imposed on major US cities as clashes over police brutality erupted across America with demonstrators ignoring warnings from President Donald Trump that his government would stop the violent protests "cold."

06-08-2020 11:20:20 PM

Why the US is experiencing a coronavirus plateau

The World Health Organization said Monday that the coronavirus pandemic situation was worsening around the globe, as it warned against complacency. The WHO said it had recorded its highest daily tally of new infections, with COVID-19 raging in the Americ

06-08-2020 11:15:15 PM